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Neurosurgeon Al-Zaher MD
Samir Al-Zaher MD
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Neurosurgery includes the detection and surgical treatment of diseases, injuries and malformations of the central nervous system and its membranes, peripheral and autonomic nervous system and the corresponding Initial, conservative treatment methods and rehabilitation. Here are some of our day to day treatments.
The neuro-surgical practice of Dr. Samir Al-Zaher was established in 1991
Outpatient microsurgical nerve surgery:
Spinal disc herniation: Examination of the cervical and lumbar spine:
Neurophysiological studie:
Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). Ulnaris syndrome. Dupuytren's disease (disease of the connective tissue of the palm) These treatments can be performed as an outpatient.
By using special intraspinal injections to relieve the nerve roots. Patients can usually return home the same day. Treatment with injections is efficient: Without the burden of an operation the nerve recovers faster, the mobility is guaranteed and the patient experiences virtually no restrictions.
A medical admissions interview will be conducted with the patient and the necessary preliminary investigative measures, ways and goals of treatment will be discussed. Then an investigation will be carried out to see whether the patient has any failures. e.g. the reflexes, motor function and sensitivity.